Jeju English town chapel staff

Dr. Kim


Rev. Dr. Sung Kim  has been living in the U.S.A. for 45 years. He was ordained in the United Methodist Church and served 15 years in Caucasian (White) churches and 17 years in Korean-American churches in the Boston and New York areas.

  김성 목사님은 45년간 미국에서 살았습니다. 미국 연합감리교회에서 안수를  받으시고  보스톤과 뉴욕에서 백인교회 15년, 한인교회에서 17년 목회하셨습니다. 

  • Doctor's Degree from Boston University
  • Master of Divinity from Bangor Seminary
  • Bachelor's Degree from Nasson College
  • Seoul Methodist Theological Seminary
  • Field Ministry Supervisor at Harvard University

Pastor Stephen


Pastor Stephen Neufeld  is an American Pastor and Worship Leader who has traveled widely in the U.S.A., Europe, Russia and Israel.

From the age of 13-years-old, Pastor Stephen has been involved in Christian ministry: He has been a Song/Worship Leader; Young Life Leader/Trainer; Youth Pastor and Youth Ministry Trainer; Christian Camping Pastor; Evangelist; Christian Music Composer/Performer, Concert Producer and Recording Artist; Overseas Missionary; and, Bible Teacher.


  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Covenant Bible Seminary; 
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.) from Faith Seminary;  
  • Bachelor's Degree (B.A.) in Mass Communication from Central Washington University; and, 
  • Youth Ministry Certificate, Youth Advocates

스데반 목사님은 신문방송학과를 졸업하고 신학원을 졸업했습니다. 청소년사역, 캠프사역, 찬양사역자로 교회를 섬겼고 3년 동안 러시아 선교사로 복음을 전했으며 기독교 학교에서 영어와 음악교사로 재직했습니다. 최근 복음성가를 작사 작곡하여 음반을 


Pastor Lee


Pastor "Paul" Lee is a lifelong, native  of Korea. He has recently retired from a career in accounting. Pastor Lee has lived on Jeju Do since 2001.

He is a strong, yet caring, man of God who loves to serve God's people. Pastor Lee welcomes all to come and experience the Love and Forgiveness of God at "Jeju English Town Chapel"!

He was recently ordained as a pastor, which is an acknowledgement of the gifts God has given him: Pastor Lee has a loving heart for caring for God's people and sharing God's Word!

Pastor Kim


Pastor Young Kim is a beloved man with a kind heart for those around him. He was raised in a Christian family and studied theology at Global University in the United States and Trinity Western University (TWU) in Canada.  He has been a journalist, columnist, and involved in news reporting, including YTN, for 20 years. His energetic and joyful personality makes him a joy to be around. Come and meet Pastor Kim any Sunday!

김영규 목사는  고려대학교 대학원에서 신문방송을 공부하고 연합뉴스와 YTN에 서20여년 동안 기자생활을 하였습니다. 미국 글로벌대학교와 캐나다 트리니티 대학원, 총회신학 대학원에서  공부하였으며 제총회신학교에서 학생들을 가르치고 크리스천신문 고정칼럼리스트로 활동했습니다. 

You are Welcome!


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 English Town Chapel Address:


서귀포시 안덕면 동광리 동광본동로 2-11  Jeju, Korea 63523/

2-11 Donggwangbondong-Ro, Andeok-Myeon, Seogwipo-Si, 

Jeju-Do, Korea 63523

Church Office Phone:



Look for the sign:

"English Town Chapel"

Join us this Sunday!


We have a seat for you! 


10 a.m.-- English & Korean 

(bi-lingual) Worship

11 a.m.-- Korean Bible Study

11 a.m. -- English Bible Study


오전 10시 - 한-영예배

오전 11시 - 한국어 성경공부

오전 11시 - 영어 성경공부



7 p.m. -- Bible Study


 수요 성경공부 7시  

Saturday Music:

2 p.m. -- Singing, Worship and Guitar with Pastor Stephen Neufeld


토요일 오후2시 

 스데반목사님과 함께하는 찬양과 기타교실